Amazing Thailand / by Michael Zwack


Running errands in Uptown?  Stop in Amazing Thailand  for the atmosphere, and stay for the drinks.

Well, to be completely transparent I did  only have one drink during my visit, but I had heard rumblings of a fantastic Thai restaurant in the heart of Uptown for some time.  Being I only make my way into the city on rare occasions, I didn't realize I was at the aforementioned restaurant until kindly reminded by my friend.  I have been increasingly interested in Thai food since I was first introduced to an authentic mom and pop shop in the suburbs.  In my mind it's not the atmosphere that counts, but the quality of food and ingredients.

The atmosphere of Amazing Thailand is what one would expect from a Thai restaurant located in the hip and trendy urban center of Hennepin and Lake.  Across from Calhoun Square one can't miss the rainbow lettering inviting the unweary into the cozy confines of the quaintly sized restaurant.  The lighting is dim, Buddha welcomes visitors at the entrance, and Southeast Asian decor plasters the walls.  

The restaurant was alive with activity upon my arrival, but then again it was also 6:15 pm on a Friday night.  Having only enough time to grab a drink and appetizer, I'm yet to experience the full culinary array of menu options.  Dinner items include: Curries, Noodles, Stir Fry, Fried Rice and Seafood options.  And Even though I missed Happy Hour by 10 minutes, I wasn't deterred by the specialty drink prices common to any restaurant in the area.  Featuring a hefty list of cocktails with Thai influenced names and ingredients, I settled on what I found to be the most unique offering among the list...The Lychee Martini.  Made of St. Germain, Rum, Vodka, Lychee Juice, Tosti Prosecco, and a dash of Chambord.   I will admit it was the Lychee that drew me in; a seemingly risky cocktail ingredient.  I was rewarded with what I found to be a genuinely refreshing drink. A little on the sweet side, but nicely combining the ingredients into an interesting amalgamation of alcohol.

After taking in the relaxed ambiance for such a lively environ, I settled on the Tod Maan; The appetizer is made by pressing together shrimp and crab, and then frying it to a crispy finish.  What truly made the appetizer worthwhile was the sweet chili sauce accompanying the dish.  The bartender mentioned the sauce itself was't anything special, but to try infusing it with their signature garlic chili oil.  After researching, I came to find that they are known for their signature sauces which can be added to the entrees.  For $7 you can even purchase a jar of their "Amazing Roasted Chili Oil".

With gluten free options, take-out/delivery, and event hosting, the popularity of Amazing Thailand comes at no surprise.  I was fortunate enough to stumble into what I came to understand from all those previous rumblings, as a uniquely vibrant atmosphere for grabbing a quick drink or appetizer while perusing the streets of Uptown...Next time I may just have to stay for dinner. 

Amazing Thailand. 

Open Sunday-Thursday, 11:00 am-11:00 pm andFridays/Saturdays, 11:00 am to 12:00 am. 

Happy Hour: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm - midnight.

Located at 3024 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, MN. 55408.