Welcome to the professional site of Photographer, Writer, and Intermedia Publisher Michael Zwack.  With a penchant for international travel, Mike has been shooting around the world since 2004.


From consultations & workshops to creative & commercial photography shoots, I offer a broad range of photography services. Available for assignments abroad, your photography needs are covered. 

Welcome to Michael Zwack Photography- Resources and photographic inspiration for nature & travel enthusiasts.  

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Believing that following one's passions leads to a greater understanding of self, I encourage visitors to "Create, Share, Inspire" and by doing so, to continually improve their relationship with the surrounding environment. 

My name is Michael Zwack; since 2004 I've been focusing my skills to help promote environmental and cultural awareness through creative writing, photography, and filmmaking. Considering myself a Naturalist and Fine Art Photographer with over 12 years of shooting around the globe, I've learned that the reasoning behind one's journey is paramount in curating a balanced life.  Continually gaining invaluable experiences through my travels, I dedicate this site to sharing such insights with a growing digital family of photo-enthusiasts.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me and my photographic odyssey.  I'd love to get to know more about you, so feel free to drop a line to say hi and let me know your goals as a photographer. Together we can shoot toward a brighter future...one photo at a time.

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